Carolyn Baron
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Carolyn Baron is an American songwriter/lyricist living in Florence, Italy. She's the owner and managing director of Soda Box Music.

She writes in various styles and genres, including, pop, rock, hip hop, electronic,singer/songwriter, r&b, dance, blues, and jazz.

She works with a talented and diversified group of artists, writers, and producers from around the globe. She has written songs for various Independent Record labels, including the award winning Italian indie label Drycastle Records in Arezzo, Italy.

She was the principal writer for the group Rain in the late 1990s.

Currently, she has been collaborating with vocalist/writer/producer Danielle "DeeDee" Crudup on a number of very interesting projects.

As a songwriter, she has also joined forces with producer Steve Belgrave and mastering engineer Pete Maher as part of their eMixpro team.

Many of her songs have been placed in films and television shows, on numerous artist's CDs, and on various compilations (including Aresonica's "World Wide Indie Hits Vol. 1), and Coast2Coast mixtapes.

Over the past 5 years, she has been working closely with American hip hop artists "Nitebreed", and "PLXDABOSS".

She has co-written many songs with Earl.C.Webb from Bristol, England, and Mark Bos (BosBeats) in Canada.

Carolyn co-wrote Bernardo Baglioni's highly acclaimed solo CD "Fine Line". Bernardo is the guitarist in the Italian singer Noemi's band.

Expect some hot new material from her and her collaborators in 2016!