Carolyn Baron
Carolyn Baron Bio
Carolyn Baron is an American songwriter/lyricist, holistic counselor, meditation teacher, and physical therapist, living in Florence, Italy. She is the founder and CEO of Soda Box Music, a new model sync and licensing agency, and co-founder, along with violinist Ari Urban, of Music Free My Heart, an online global community focused on a shared passion for music, self-exploration, and heart-centered living.

As a songwriter, she was an early pioneer in online collaborations, and has worked with artists and songwriters from around the globe. In the 1990s she was the principal songwriter for the group "Rain". Many of her songs have been placed in films and television shows, on numerous artist's CDs, and on various compilations and mixtapes.

Carolyn contributed lyrics to the Italian jazz CD "Bozorius" which won the 2006 LA Music Award for Best CD in the New Jazz category.

In 2018, her song "Still In Time", co-written and performed by Italian artist Bernardo Baglioni, was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary film "Weed The People"(now available on Netflix)by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein.