Carolyn Baron
Soda Box Music

My Music Publishing, Licensing, and Sync Company.


My LinkedIn page

Weed The People - Movie

Website of the film "Weed The People" which features my song "Still In Time" which was co-written and performed by Bernardo Baglioni.


Carolyn Baron's Band Profile Page


Carolyn Baron's Broadjam Artist page.

Rewind Video

Video with lyrics of Rewind a song I co-wrote with Distant Reckoning.

Soundcloud Page

My Soundcloud page.

Reverb Nation

Carolyn Baron's Reverbnation page.

You should have told me (feat DeeDee) : Live studio session

In the studio with DeeDee!!!

Epitome Music Library (My songs)
Link to Epitome Music Library Artist series page including songs by Katelyn Kwake, Plxdaboss, and Big Moment, co-written by me.

Wolfpack Music Group's First Press Release

This is the press release that announced the launching of the Wolfpack Music Group.

I Want You Near Me (feat Dee Dee & Faceboy) - Trailer

Trailer for "I Want You Near Me" by House of Executives (feat. DeeDee and Faceboy)

Alive Radio PLXDABOSS Artist Page

PLXDABOSS and Carolyn Baron's profile and links page on the Alive Radio website.

Alive Radio UK (featuring PLXDABOSS)

Alive Radio's homepage featuring PLXDABOSS. Our Christmas song "Christmas Is Cool" won their Christmas competition for best Christmas song in December, 2011.

NBT Music Radio

A great radio station that plays music from indie artists including me!

Naz-Sect Publishing R&B

Naz-Sect Publishing's page that features my song "Wrecking Ball".

H Music Catalog

H Music Catalog where some of my songs are available for licensing.

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape "Die Hard Vol. 1"

Thomas Handsome's Coast 2 Coast Mixtape "Die Hard Vol.1" featuring our PLXDABOSS song "Knock On Wood".

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape "Die Hard 2 Die Harder"

Thomas Handsome Coast 2 Coast Mixtape that features a song I co-wrote with Nitebreed called "Don't Look Back (Mrs. Lot)".

Coast 2 coast Mixtape "Stop Being Stupid Vol. 1"

Thomas Handsome's Coast 2 Coast Mixtape that features our PLXDABOSS song "Don't Drink The Water".

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape "Stop Being Stupid 13"

Our song by PLXDABOSS "Two Different Worlds" is on this Coast 2 Coast Mixtape

Miss Juicy Jones Blog "Whose Next On Da Hustle" featuring Nitebreed

Miss Juicy Jones' blog featuring Nitebreed and our song "Don't Look Back (Mrs. Lot)".

Erk FM International

My music will be featured on an upcoming episode of this podcast.

Nitebreed Homepage

The Guyver Concept

Link to Guyver from Nitebreed's upcoming solo album. We're writing some of the songs for this project together.

Music Xray's Player App featuring featuring Ev-G's house remix of our song "Christmas Is Cool"

Music Xray selected Ev-G's remix of our song "Christmas Is Cool" by PLXDABOSS for their Christmas blog.

95.7 The Beat PLXDABOSS

PLXDABOSS Reverb Nation

Klavar Recordings

Klavar Recordings. Home of FaceBoy.

FaceBoy Electro Remixes on SoundCloud

Some great remixes of a couple of my songs by FaceBoy.

Plusquam Records

PLXDABOSS "Two Different Worlds" will soon be released on the Plusquam Records label.

Areasonica Records

Drycastle Records


My favorite beat maker!


Producer Ev-G's Soundcloud Page

WPMG Music Facebook Page

Restraint Records

Summer Of Dreams Trailer

My song Real(co-written with Bobbi "Funkee Boy" Tammaro)is featured in this trailer for the German teen film "Summer Of Dreams".

Homepage STR Productions UK

My artist page on STR Productions UK website

My Artist page on STR Productions website.

Nitebreed's CD Way 2 Much

The Blues Collective Panic Attack CD Baby

The Blues Collective Myspace

Bernardo Baglioni's CD Fine Line on iTunes

Bernardo Baglioni Myspace

Earl.C.Webb Homepage

Larry Flet Myspace

Ron Parks Homepage

Funkee Boy Homepage

Giovanni Spinelli Homepage