Carolyn Baron
Still In Time (Bernardo Baglioni)
They Can't Move Me (dedicated to Nelson Mandela) (Earl. C. Webb)
Don't Forget
Cup Of Tea
Rewind (DeeDee)
You Get To Me (EMP Mix featuring Katelyn Kwake)
You Shoulda Told Me (DeeDee)
Unplug (feat. DeeDee)
What Do They Know About Us?
Never Too Far Away
Give Me Time (House of Executives feat. DeeDee)
Optimist (Big Moment)
I Just Can't Get Enough Of You (featuring DeeDee)
Betrayal (PLXDABOSS)
Knock On Wood (PLXDABOSS)
Don't Drink The Water (PLXDABOSS)
Two Different Worlds (PLXDABOSS)
Get With The Program (PLXDABOSS)
It's Only A Matter Of Time (PLXDABOSS)
Gladiator (PLXDABOSS)
Haunted House (PLXDABOSS)
Big Game (PLXDABOSS version 2)
Sometimes I Come Back Around (PLXDABOSS)
Here We Are (Bernardo Baglioni)
Fine Line (Bernardo Baglioni)
Shadow Play (Bernardo Baglioni)
Ride The Waves (Bernardo Baglioni)
Together (Bernardo Baglioni)
When All Else Fails (Bernardo Baglioni)
Hey Now (Bernardo Baglioni)
'Till Then (Bernardo Baglioni)
Troubadour (Bernardo Baglioni)
That Good Again (Bernardo Baglioni)
You Get To Me (featuring Katelyn Kwake)
Balancing Act (House of Executives featuring DeeDee)
Optimist (Radio Edit)
Pinocchio (Equinox Arq)
The Best Of Me (SB mix)
Christmas is Cool (David Jones Jr. Mix #2)
Angel Boy (DeeDee featuring Guyver Original Mix)
Fire Burning (Since I Found Out)
Am I An Artist? (Guyver feat. DeeDee)
Give A Little (Nitebreed and John Jackson)
Anyway (featuring DeeDee)
Cup Of Tea (version 2)
Christmas Is Cool (PLXDABOSS Str Mix)
Cozy (feat. Katelyn Kwake)
Christmas Is Cool (Ev-G house remix)
I Want You Near Me (House of Executives feat. DeeDee)
I Want You Near Me (Drop Down Remix)
The Best Of Me (Summer Solstice) Samik Remix
The Best Of Me (featuring Sabrina)
Don't Forget (HOE featuring DeeDee)
Unplug For Love (FaceBoy Electro Remix)
Angel Boy B Side (DeeDee feat. Guyver)
You & Me (featuring DeeDee)
What Do They Know About Us (Sabrina Ramikie and Earl.C. Webb)
Pinocchio (FaceBoy Electro Remix)
That DJ's Hot! (FaceBoy Dubstep Remix)
That DJ's Hot! (Big Moment)
Pinocchio (Big Moment)
Sins Of The Father (Nitebreed)
Don't Look Back (Mrs. Lot) (Nitebreed)
State Of Emergency ( Nitebreed/Samik Samik's Mix)
Optimist (FaceBoy Electro Remix)
The Best Of Me (Version 2)
Different This Time (Big Moment feat. Sabrina Ramikie)
Wrecking Ball (Earl. C. Webb and Sabrina Joy)
Real (Funkee Boy and Amy Crupi)
Since I Found Out (Larry Flet and Sabrina Joy)
In Your Company (Larry Flet and Gary King)
Better Man (Funkee Boy and Rufus Williams)
Who's Gonna Rock My World (Earl.C. Webb)
Who Are The Heroes? (Bruce Todd Larsen)
Start Over Again (Ron Parks)
I Want To Know Love (Ron Parks)
Candy (Larry Flet, Emma Hutchinson)
Candy (Emma Hutchinson, Larry Flet, Earl. C. Webb)
Silence and Teardrops (Funkee Boy and Aaron Van Geersdale)
Stay Close To Me (Funkee Boy and Leila)
It's All Over (Leila and Funkee Boy)
You Came (The Blues Collective and Earl.C. Webb)
I've Got A Panic Attack (The Blues Collective and Earl.C. Webb)
You Came (Instrumental Version)(The Blues Collective)
I've Got A Panic Attack (Instrumental Version)(The Blues Collect
Straight To Your Heart (Earl.C. Webb)
Don't Call This Love (Earl.C. Webb)
I Want To Know Love (Earl.C.Webb)
What Do They Know About Us? (Version 2 Earl.C.Webb)
Very Nice (Bozorius)
The Fat Cat And The Fiddle (Bozorius)
There Was A Time (Earl.C. Webb)
Marvelous Trance (Earl. C. Webb)
Forgotten Hero (Earl.C.Webb)
Brand New Moon (Chaynace)
I Blame You (Rox Clayton-Scott)
Dance Into The Sun
Hungry Ghosts (Rain)
Open As The Sky ( Rain version 1)
Warm Embrace
It's All Over (shorter version)
Dance Of Circles (Rox Clayton-Scott)
To Ride The Waves (Chaynace)
Dance Into The Sun (remix)
The Price (Bozorius ft. Guia)
Ordinary Fools (Bozorius ft. Giovanni Spinelli)
All That I See (Rain)
Free In Your Mind (Bernardo Baglioni)
Angels In The Darkness (Giovanni Spinelli)
Open As The Sky (version 2)
Everything But Love
When Time Was A Friend Of Space
Just A Little Love Tonight
Poison In The Skies
Angels In The Darkness Version 2
Dance Of Circles (Instrumental)
Ordinary Fools - Instrumental
Something New (Instrumental)
I Blame You (Instrumental)
Fade (Chaynace)
Brand New Moon (Instrumental)
State Of Emergency (Nitebreed/Samik Dave's Mix)
It's Only A Matter Of Time (version 2)
Unplug For Love (Big Moment)
Because Of Every Child (Leila and Funkee Boy)
No Breaking Point
Something's Coming Over Me (Leila and Funkee Boy)